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CANDLE 01 - The Duchess's Closet (Jasmine & Peony)

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A floral symphony.

Step into "The Duchess's Closet," where jasmine, peony, and patchouli dance in harmony. This scented candle invites you into a world of premium floral symphony that mirrors the Duchess's unparalleled grace.

Igniting elegance in your bedroom, powder room, and walk-in closet with this meticulously crafted floral fragrance.

Package Contains:

1x 220g Hand-poured Soy Candle

1x Felt Coaster

Fragrance Note

Jasmine, Peony, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang

About HYANG Candles

1. Weight and Burn Time:

220g of premium soy wax, meticulously crafted to ensure a consistent and prolonged burn time. Enjoy the captivating fragrance for approximately 48 hours, providing long-lasting ambiance and relaxation.

2. Vessel:

Encased in a smooth, matte-finished handcrafted ceramic jar, adding a touch of sophistication to any space. The ceramic jar is thoughtfully designed for reuse, allowing you to extend its life beyond the candle, contributing to sustainability and reducing waste.

3. Choice of Wick:

Crafted with a single cotton wick, ensuring a clean and even burn throughout the candle's life. Cotton wick produces significantly less heat, creating a comfortable atmosphere without overwhelming warmth.

4. Fragrance Assurance:

HYANG Candles are infused with phthalate-free and paraben-free fragrance oils that are certified by the IFRA (International Fragrance Association), guaranteeing a safe and high-quality olfactory experience. 

Candle Care Tips

1. Initial Burn:

Burn for at least 2 hours during the first use to allow the soy wax to pool evenly. This establishes a memory for future burns, ensuring a consistent and efficient melting pattern.

2. While Burning:

Avoid touching or moving the candle while it's burning to prevent accidents or uneven melting. Place the candle away from breezy spots to maintain a steady burn.  Limit burn time to less than 4 hours per session for optimal performance and safety.

3. Trimming:

Trim the wick to an optimal length of 0.5cm before each burn. This helps maintain a clean and steady flame, enhancing the overall burning experience.

4. When the Candle is Fully Burnt:

Instead of discarding the vessel, consider repurposing it. Place the vessel in boiling water to melt down any remaining wax. Once melted, wipe away residues with a paper towel. Repurpose the vessel into a vase, or a pencil holder, or let your creativity flow to imagine new uses, minimizing waste and contributing to a sustainable lifestyle.



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Smell Heavenly, Live Consciously

Most traditional scenting products use synthetic fragrances, which can be damaging to your body when breathe in on a daily basis.

We believe that your home should be toxin-free, which is why we’re extremely conscious of our ingredients. Using non-toxic, phthalate-free and paraben-free oils, we meticulously handpick and craft aromas to surround you with exceptional olfactory quality.