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Diffusing Wood

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The all-natural scenting piece for your personal space.

    The Diffusing Wood is an all-natural alternative to conventional diffusers.  It is cordless and non-electric, yet still does a wonderful job of filling your personal space with your favourite aromas.

    The wood fibres work perfectly as a natural carrier to absorb essential oil and disperse its scent gently and slowly, effectively slowing down the evaporation of the aroma particles in pure essential oils.

    Each of the Diffusing Wood is handcrafted by our artisan with the highest quality of woods with enticing grains, making it not only a functional scenting piece but also a delicate ornament at home.


    Height 50mm

    Diameter  30mm

    How to use

    • Add 3-5 drops of essential oils onto the indented area of the Diffusing Wood and wait for the oils to get absorbed.
    • The scenting area of the Diffusing Wood is around 2 feet radius, making it a perfect piece for you to enjoy your favourite scent without disturbing the others.
    • Perfect for small spaces and close-range environment, i.e bedside, desk, kitchen top & etc.
    • Its portability makes it easy for you to carry along for travels or even scenting your car.
    • If you want to get the best olfactory experience from one particular blend, we do suggest you using your Diffusing Wood exclusively with only that blend.

    Type of Wood

    Absorption Speed Scenting Duration
    Beech Fastest Shortest
    Golden Teak Fast Short
    Black Walnut Slow Long
    Rosewood Slowest Longest

    Add your own distinctive touch to your Diffusing Wood by using it with essential oils more frequently. Its colour would become brighter, and its grains would become clearer as time goes by, not to mention the fragrance that it has garnered.

    Important Notes

    We put in our best effort to sort out defective items before the shipment of all our orders, hence we guarantee that the products sent to you are of great quality. However, please understand that every tree grows uniquely, and thus the textures, grains and colours of the Diffusing Wood you receive would slightly differ from those in our photos.

    Please be aware that essential oil can bleed through the Diffusing Wood if it has a lower viscosity. This is very normal and you could simply flip the Diffusing Wood upside down to allow the oil to be reabsorbed. 



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    Smell Heavenly, Live Consciously

    Most traditional scenting products use synthetic fragrances, which can be damaging to your body when breathe in on a daily basis.

    We believe that your home should be toxin-free, which is why we’re extremely conscious of our ingredients. Using non-toxic, all-natural and 100% pure essential oils, we meticulously handpick and craft aromas to surround you with exceptional olfactory quality.